Mission Statement

The Compassion Ministry of Calvario City Church focuses on the aid of individuals, regardless of age, race, gender or religion in fulfilling their potential; physical, emotional and spiritually so that the end results is a whole and healthy person solely dependent on God and a productive and effective member of society.

It is our mission to provide social services to individuals, families, and/other community agencies and to aim them in their quest of becoming healthy and productive individuals; in order to BUILD A GREAT CITY.

Bethesda House

Casa Betesda (Bethesda House) is a discipleship administered by DECIDE Social Services and based on the biblical concept of Jesus Christ. Each participant enters the house voluntarily and fully disposed to focus on Him. Through the work of the Holy Spirit each teaching and practice of the biblical disciplines allows the Lord to renew their minds and transform their lives.

The participants voluntarily enter with a willingness to focus their lives totally on the Lord, through the teaching and practice of the biblical disciplines, allow the Lord to renew their minds and transform their lives through the Holy Spirit.
CASA BETESDA’s discipleship program is residential, with 24-hour supervision 7 days a week. The duration of the same is of 12 months which are divided in four phases:

Our program is designed to teach you a new way of living; Full of hope, joy and the promise of a wonderful future. We are convinced that as you apply yourself and let yourself be guided, your lives will change forever.

This phase lasts for six months and progressively helps to develop a deeper understanding of the Holy Scriptures and who is one in Christ. In addition, it provides the opportunity to emphasize daily practice and evaluation of principles such as obedience, submission and integrity in the light of the Word of God. 

In this phase the individual will recognize himself as a changed person, because he has allowed the Lord to work in his life as a consequence of the intimate relationship he has developed with Him.

Upon successful completion of the phase, a graduation will be held inviting family members, friends, program employees, and significant people who somehow helped to make everything they have achieved a reality. You will be given your certificate of graduation and united we will give all the glory to the Lord.

Food Pantry

Part of our ministry is also focused on helping those most in need.
We have a food pantry that is nourished weekly by the generosity of the members of the Calvario City Church.
We deliver food weekly to families in need, every Wednesday from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Night of Hope

A group of leaders, brothers and sisters get together  to volunteer and take the streets during certain dates of the year during the night in order to help the homeless by providing food, clothing, and much more.

If you want to contribute and be part of this great effort contact us.

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