Mission Statement

The Pastoral Care Ministry exists to build a great city, one life at a time, through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

The Pastoral Care Ministry of CCC is a crucial component of the Spiritual & Community Formation foci, Missions & Church Planting foci, and Compassion & Social Justice foci of the church.

The Ministry of Pastoral Care is a teaching and healing ministry dedicated to imparting a Biblical understanding of persons and how we grow into Christian maturity. The Pastoral Care Ministry offers hope and help in times of pain or crisis for families, singles, children and adults of all ages through counseling.

Ministry Areas

Spiritual servants who are Ministries with the Assemblies of God and/or who are Retired Clergy currently attending Calvario City Church. Their main purpose is to journey with individuals seeking to become healthy and whole. They are a resource for those crying out in pain, doubt or fear.

All Resources Pastors must be appropriately trained on basic pastoral care theory, techniques and practice.

CCCs Resources Pastors may be called upon by Senior/Associate Pastors to assist in funeral and eulogies, weddings and /or other church needs.

The way in which spirituality can be conceptualized in a useful way inside and outside the medical environment including care of the spiritual factors in the adaptation to the illness in general and the cancer in particular, during the course of the illness and at the end of the life, of the patients as well as of the members of the family in charge of its care.

The range of approaches is: information or prayer through telephone calls, visitation: home or hospital, follow-up and other needs.

Spirituals servants who work in the Pastoral Care Department of Calvario City Church (CCC). Their main purpose is to serve as a source of spiritual and emotional support for others. CCC Chaplains must be member in good standing and also undergo the appropriate professional training and certifications in pastoral care. They are different types of chaplains; general, hospice, hospital, prison-jail and church chaplains.

Loved and Free (Marrriage Restoration)

It is Christian based program design to strengthening and restoration marriage and family.

The program and their workbooks are biblical solid foundation. Their main purpose of the mentors is developing activities to restore and strength married couple and their families of the congregation.

Marriage Ministry

Seeks to strength and encourage couples to build stronger marriage. We do this by teaching the importance of a balanced marriage through the World of God by bringing awareness to married couples concerning their covenant to God and each other. This ministry is for all married couple interest in building a God centric foundation for marriage. Oversee the logistic of seminars, conferences, retreat, workshop and other needs of CCC married couple.

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Internal Healing Seminar

These courses are designed to provide teaching on the fallowing dimensions of inner healing: prayer, biblical foundations, different models, training to receive and minister inner healing including experimental learning and ministry.

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Intertwine Single Adult Ministry

It is a ministry for 35 to 55 years old single adults who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who are just beginning their walk with our Lord and Savior; or who have questions about where they are and where they are headed in life. We offer monthly meeting in the way of fellowship activities, Bible study and serve in different church ministries.

Golden aged Ministry

Oversee the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of seniors 55 and older. We gathering once a month to provide; Bible study, lectures on topic of interest to our elderly members, have fun and fellowship, free health and wellness information, field trips and more.

Solace Widow Ministry

To provide spiritual, emotional, social and physical support woman who had lost loved one in a lovely environment where they can support each to others.

We gather the third Saturday of each month to have Bible study, lectures on how to cope effectively with grief and bereavement. We do also celebrate having different social activities.