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Pastor Dennis Rivera

Pastor Dennis Rivera grew up in the town of Utuado, Puerto Rico. At age 12 he and his family moved to Bayamon. Pastor Rivera had his first personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ at age 14 while attending a youth group in meeting. After this his life would never be the same.

 Some years later, as he participated in the ministries of his local church, he received the Lord’s call to pastoral ministry. He went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Studies. During the early years of his ministry, he visited many of the countries in Central and South America. On these missionary trips he would work in the most underprivileged areas, preaching and sharing the gospel, as well as carrying out various social projects.

 Twenty years ago, Pastor Rivera and Rosemarie Masini joined their lives in marriage. In 1998 they were blessed with twins, Stephanie and Dennis.

 In 2014, Pastors Dennis and his family were called by the Lord to return to where he grew up and become the pastor of Calvario City Church’s new campus in Utuado.