Stephanie de Oliveira

Stephanie de Oliveira is the current Missions pastor at Calvary City Church. She came to CCC as a teenager in 2003, here she was formed and planted roots which have grown, from being a leader in the Portuguese Ministry alongside her parents to the pastoral role of overseeing the 76 missionary families CCC supports, amongst the other responsibilities she exercises. It was in church that Stephanie was able to learn her third language, Spanish, which she speaks fluently besides her native languages of English and Portuguese.

Stephanie was born, raised, and completed her formal education in Florida. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Central Florida, as well as two Masters of Arts degrees in Theology and Biblical Studies from Asbury Theological Seminary. Her professional background prior to becoming Missions pastor was as the Principal Real Estate Broker of her family owned brokerage firm.

She has a heart for missions and for preaching the Gospel to the unreached people groups around the globe. Today she serves as a mobilizer within the church, by praying, guiding, preparing, equipping, and sending missionaries from within the very walls of our church out into the vast fields of the world. She has had the opportunity of taking mission teams to the Amazon as well as to some of the most impoverished cities in Brazil, she has also taught English to missionaries in Brasilia with Wycliffe Associates, led teams to the Dominican Republic, among other ministry opportunities.

She mentions, “The heart of our church and leadership is Missions, we are intentional in partnering with God in His Great Commission. I am grateful and privileged to serve alongside the amazing staff at CCC; my hope is that God would continue the good work He began with our predecessors as we prepare the path for the next generation. God has called us to be faithful stewards; at CCC we understand that we have been blessed to be a blessing to our local community and to the uttermost parts of the earth.”

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