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Putting our faith into action is at the very heart of Christianity. Not only is there a place for you at Calvario City Church (CCC), there is also a great need for your time and skills for doing God’s work. Join us and tithe your time in God’s Kingdom. After prayer, please select from the list below - which Office you feel called to volunteer in. All CCC Ministries fall under 5 areas: Worship & Evangelism, Spiritual & Community Formation, Missions & Church Planting, Compassion & Social Justice, and Cultural Renewal.
* Requires a Background Check ** Requires Specialty Training/Degree *** These positions are appointed
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Step One
  • Submit this application
  • or Download a copy here
  • Hand it in at CCC’s Information Center located in the lobby, or
  • Hand it in to your teacher – if you’re in a membership class
Step Two
  • Someone from the Volunteer Office will contact you for:
  • An interview to discuss the specific positions that may be available under the categories you selected.
  • A discussion on the Leadership Packet and Signature Requirements
  • Whether a Background Check is needed (If so, this process will begin immediately)
  • Your name and application will be submitted to the Pastor in charge of the specific ministry you requested to volunteer in
Step Three
  • The Pastor will:
  • Call to meet you to discuss the possibility of working under his/her team
  • Discuss expectations and processes
  • Decide On approval/disapproval and inform the Volunteer Office
Final Step
  • If not approved: The Volunteer Office will email you
  • If approved: The Volunteer Office will email you:
  • Acceptance Letter and inform you of Start Date (if Background Check is needed, Start Date will be contingent on that)
  • Waiver Form (will require your signature)
  • Leadership Packet (will require your signature)
  • CCC Communication Process