Mission Statement

The gospel is a living thing that grows and sweeps us along with it. The gospel is both the power for and shaping factor of all we do (Romans 1:16; Galatians 2:14). From the gospel flow our core values, spelled out below.

The facets or “fronts” of Calvario City Church are the main organizational manifestation of our core values. We call them foci or pillars because each is an aspect of the whole, and this means that, while each front specializes in expressing certain values, everyone must carry out their ministry giving attention to all of them. So, for example, worship ministry must consider how to conduct their ministry with reference to social justice, and mercy ministry and faith-work must keep evangelism in mind.

The process of evangelism start in the relationship and connection we make with God. He invites us to worship Him in Spirit and True, with all of our heart.

With a modern worship style and a combination of classic gospel and contemporary music

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